Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mission Accomplished!

The decision to have children is probably one of the biggest of a couples life. You have to consider when to start a family, how many children you would like, are you going to work or stay home, but nobody starts out thinking am I physically able to have children. People just assume that they will be able to conceive. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to having children. No treatment is foolproof and even if conception does occur there are no guarantees that a baby will come home with you.

If you would have told me 19 years ago that it would take us more than six years to to expand our family I would of thought you were crazy. I took sex education in 10th grade; I know that you just have to have sex to get pregnant...Right? My high school education did nothing to prepare me for the obstacles we were going to face to have a child. Nowhere in my text books did it say you might not ovulate. No teacher told me that if you don't ovulate you are at risk for uterine cancer and no video told me that sometimes infertility is just unexplained. Little did I know what my marriage was in for the day G and I first made the decision we were ready to start our family. No amount of high school health classes would prepare me for the obstacles we were about to face to have a baby.

It's hard to believe that four years ago I had uterine cancer and was looking at having a hysterectomy. I honestly didn't think I would keep my uterus let alone be able to conceive a child. It's been a long journey filled with surgeries, hormone therapy, fertility treatments and multiple losses but our dream of expanding our family has finally come true. October 28, 2013 was a day that I thought would never come. After 12 hours of labor my son J was born at 9:15pm weighing 7lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. G and I are both exhausted and overjoyed with our little miracle. He's perfect! When I look into his eyes I know that every tear was worth it!

Last year I wrote a blog about the stick figures that people have on their cars and how I coveted their little stick figure babies. I wanted so desperately to have my own family. I even had a set of UT people that G bought me when we learned I was pregnant the first time 3 years ago. After my miscarriage I put them away and forgot about them until this past week. I'm happy to say that my mission to become a mom is accomplished and my little stick figure family adorns my car!!!

Thanks so much for the support over the past year. I will be continuing my blog because I will never forget what we have been through. Infertility and pregnancy loss are a part of my life and always will be. Going forward my blog will focus on mommyhood but will continue to have posts that deal with infertility, miscarriage and cancer as well.