Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Dreaded Baby Shower

You know that it’s coming and you can’t stop it but it still stings when it happens.  You go to the mailbox and there it is…that adorable duck covered envelope.  You know what’s inside and your heart just sinks!  The dreaded baby shower invitation, another reminder that you are not pregnant!

We’ve all had these moments at some point during our journey and we struggle with the do we or don’t we go.  I am not going to lie I have missed many a shower over the last 5 years, especially following my miscarriages.  There are showers that we feel obligated to attend or showers of great friends that we want to attend.  So how do you handle those showers?  I can’t say I have the best answer, but I’ve decided that going forward if I have a shower I have to attend I am going to start with a pre-shower “Screw you, I’m not pregnant” party.  This party will include the following:

1.      Baby bottles filled with Jell-O shots to get a nice buzz before you leave.
2.      Playing an inappropriate game of “Guess the Baby Daddy”.  Doesn’t matter if you know who the father is it should still make for some good entertainment!
3.      Gorging yourself on a cake that says “Congratulations it only took you 6 months to conceive!”
4.      Handing out party favors which consist of a multi-pack of pregnancy tests.
5.      Crying and babbling incoherently!

No matter what we do or say, baby showers are always going to be a tricky situation.  We want to be supportive of our friends and loved ones, but that is not always possible.  We never know what those triggers are going to be.  It’s important to know that is OK to say NO when it comes to showers.  If the person is a true friend they will understand.


  1. This is so funny! I have always had a hard time with showers especially after my miscarriage!

  2. Ha Ha Ha...I love the Jello shots!!!

  3. Oh Hun you are too funny! Eff those showers!

  4. Love the party favors. I think I probably have 5 in my linen closet right now.

  5. You just make my laugh hun! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I absolutely love this. I have been dealing with this for 2 of my friends and it is so very hard. I totally feel like I can't not go.

  7. I hate showers!!!! I hate the idea of the gift giving thing period.

  8. I think I have avoided 3 baby showers in the last year. They are so brutal!


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