Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten

10 More Signs You're Infertile:

10.  While shopping at Kroger, you start sobbing uncontrollably when “Baby Love” starts playing over the intercom.

9.  You write your husband a highly emotional message on Facebook because you were feeling hormonal and sappy today!

8.  You are so far past feeling self-conscious that you have asked your infertility doctor extremely embarrassing questions without batting an eye!

7.  You declined an invitation to a baby shower because you had a very serious, highly contagious illness that came on all the sudden. 

6.  You are always the designated driver because you could be pregnant at any moment and can't even remember that last adult beverage you had! 

5.  You have felt yourself up in public on the slight chance that you have breast tenderness and a new pregnancy symptom since you left the house this morning.

4.  Your pharmacy has created a frequent shopper card just for you!  Buy 10 FSH injectable pens and get the 11th one free!

3.  You have snuck off to the bathroom with a little lunch box during a party to give yourself fertility injections.

2.  You are so familiar with the doctor’s office that your sheets and specimen cups are self-serve.

1.  A co-worker sees all your bruises and needle marks and leaves a pamphlet about drug addiction on your desk while you're at lunch.

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