Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Know You're Infertile When...

Ten more signs that you're infertile:

10.  You know what TTC, 2WW, IVF, IUI, HCG and FSH stand for.

9.  You have choked down massive amounts of Chinese herbs in hopes of increasing blood flow to your uterus and ovaries.

8.  You know what it means when the doctor says your lining has a nice trilaminar appearance and can actually see it on an ultrasound.

7.  You have ever been jealous of live stock because even the cows, goats and sheep have babies.

6.  You have calculated what your due date would be if the cycle is successful.

5.  You have stood on your head or raised your ass with a pillow after sex to help make sure the sperm can find their way; because you know they are not asking for directions!!!

4.  You know the exact count of your husband’s last 5 sperm samples.

3.  While watching college football your husband pauses the game to show you that the diagram the announcer drew looks like a sperm.  Ok, so maybe husbands just do stuff like that.

2.  You have walked out of the bathroom in the doctor’s office to find your husband with his legs in the stir-ups just to make you laugh.

1.  You have held your husband’s sperm sample in your bra to keep it at body temperature while waiting for your Doctor to do your IUI!


  1. Ha, ha, ha1 I can totally relate to those.

  2. Totally sounds familiar LOL


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