Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 10 Signs that You’re Infertile

10. You walk into your fertility doctor’s office and everyone knows your name…and I
       mean EVERYONE! Seriously I can hear the cheers theme song playing every time I
       walk in!!!

9.  You have stood in the mirror and pulled your shirt out to see what you would look like

8.  You make sure you are holding a baby or rubbing a pregnant women’s belly at
      midnight on New Year’s Eve for good luck.

7.  You spelled the word ovulation in Scrabble.

6.  You have had 16 emotional breakdowns just this week!

5.  You have talked to your ovaries or your uterus giving them some positive affirmation.

4.  You know the exact measurements of your follicles or uterine lining on any given

3.  You have Googled “Early pregnancy symptoms” at least once a cycle.

2.  You’re more familiar with the buttons on an Ultrasound Machine than your own
     washing machine.

1.  You have more used needles than a heroin addict.


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