Thursday, October 11, 2012

Socially Acceptable Responses

This is one that I have gotten a lot of emails asking me to write about.  So here’s my best shot!

When you find out someone is pregnant your first response is “That’s fantastic!”  “Congratulations!”  “I’m so happy for you!”  Like I said, YOUR first response…for infertiles it is much harder to muster up a socially acceptable response.  Honestly for anyone suffering from infertility there is a wide variety of responses that run through your head before you settle on an “appropriate” one.  These thoughts will usually include the words “Are you kidding me?” followed by any of the following internal dialogues:

·        She just got married 4 months ago!
·        She’s not even married!
·        She already has 3 kids!
·        Perfect, another pregnant person!
·        She’s only 17!!!!
·        You are telling me this why?
·        That is awesome that your husband can look at you and you get pregnant.
·        Fantastic…it only took you 2 months!

Mind you some of these responses may become a little more “colorful” if you learn of someone else’s pregnancy after a negative pregnancy test, miscarriage or you are on your period!!

No matter what our feelings are or the internal dialogue that we are having with ourselves we still respond with a “socially acceptable” reply as opposed to becoming hormonal raging lunatics.  We are strong and are able to hold it together without showing our jealous bitter side because we know that in fact it is great news!  I know that one day it will be my turn and I will not want someone to rain all over my parade either!

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