Thursday, October 4, 2012

I know, We Can…

The two week wait is an extremely hard part of the fertility process.  It’s filled with hope, anticipation, highs and lows.  It’s a roller coaster ride of hormones and emotions.  Trying to find the smallest bit of peace and relaxation is crucial.  The problem is it’s not always easy to find.

We can watch TV – Nope can’t do that; everyone on our favorite shows are pregnant or just had a baby.  I’m laughing as I type this because I literally turned on the TV and there is an episode of
Friends where Rachel is having her baby.

We can listen to the radio – Nope can’t do that; the radio station that we listen to one of the DJ’s wives is 8 months pregnant and that seems to be all the morning show consists of now.

We could see a movie at Cinebistro where no one under 21 is allowed – Nope can’t do that; we are surrounded by 52 pregnant women.

We can go out to dinner – Nope can’t do that; the three tables around us all have children who want to look over the booth and play with us.

We can go to the park – Nope can’t do that; there are baseball games, a playground covered with children and kids riding their bikes on the paths.

We can go to a football game – Nope can’t do that; there is an absolutely adorable little girl in her brand new cheerleading outfit in front of us who wants to show us her new cheer.

We can go to church – Nope can’t do that; we are surrounded by new pregnant women, babies crying and young children anxiously fidgeting in their seats.

Obviously I am exaggerating some of this to a degree but for anyone experiencing infertility this is their reality.  It’s so difficult to just forget about it when there are constant reminders.  I would give anything to have a day where I did not have to think about infertility, miscarriages, babies, pregnancy or doctors.  Those days are few and far between, but if we can actually have one it is such a blessing!!!  Praying for a little peace and quiet during this wait!


  1. I get this. It seems like when you're not pregnant everyone else is. I hate constant reminders!

  2. I have felt this way many times. I know that it is not real that everyone is pregnant, but it sure does feel that way!


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