Thursday, October 25, 2012

Babies, Breakdowns and Bookstores, Oh My!

I decided to put on my big girl panties and venture to the bookstore to find an infertility book that I have been looking for.  Proudly donning my Scarlet Letter “I” I walked up to the clerk and asked where the infertility books were located.  I was determined that I was going to be strong and I was not going to be embarrassed about my infertility!  After she ogled me for a good 30 seconds I was quickly brought to an all time new low as I followed her to the section where the books were located.

As we got closer and closer I could feel the tears welling up inside me.  First we passed the adorable children’s section where they were having story time for all the little rambunctious fidgety children. Next we passed a large display of books on naming your baby.  Finally we came to an abrupt stop directly in front of the children’s play area.  As if that were not enough I had to sift through all of the pregnancy and child rearing books to find the whole two books about infertility that were available.  Of course neither book was the book I was looking for!

I never thought that a bookstore could bring me to tears but boy was I wrong.  After G finally calmed me down I began to think about how asinine it is to have books about the inability to get pregnant or miscarriages next to the books for pregnancy and raising children.  What moron thought this out when they were drawing up diagrams for the store?  That’s like putting the books about alcohol addiction next to the books on making various types of cocktails.  Back to Amazon it is!


  1. That is so stupid! As if you aren't already painfully aware that you don't have kids!!!


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