Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Do You Trust Your Doctor?

I recently received a message asking me how I knew that my doctor was the right doctor for me; how did I know I could trust him.  I touched on this topic in a post several weeks ago titled “Are You Sure You Chose the Right Doctor? Because…?” but since it has come around again, I thought I would expand on my last entry.

Dr. L is my doctor and I would have NO OTHER on this journey.  I could just leave it at this but since you asked how I knew I could trust him I better write more.  My first appointment with Dr. L was a typical fact finding and explanation of options meeting.  I had just been diagnosed with cancer and was seeing him to discuss what my options were at that time just in case I did not win the battle and had to have a hysterectomy.  I can’t say that I have fond memories of that appointment, not because of him but because I still had cancer and was discussing someone else carrying my child.  Fast forward to October 2010.

My first “real” appointment with Dr. L was an amazing appointment.  I was so excited to see him because it meant that my cancer was gone and I was free to try and have a biological child.  Besides the giddy feelings I had from being cancer free my appointment was a good experience.  Dr. L did his usual exam and spelled out what his plan of treatment was for us moving forward.  He was more than willing to answer any and all questions I had no matter how stupid they were (still does).  He never made me feel rushed or like I was a number.  Most of all, I had gained a lot of weight during my cancer treatments and he never made me feel uncomfortable about my being heavy.  I was working on it and that was enough said!  He really put me at ease knowing that we were focused on our next steps.

Dr. L has always been attentive to what was going on with me personally and how I was feeling, but really it wasn’t until my first miscarriage that I saw the man that he was.  I can not even begin to describe what if felt like to hear that my baby was gone.  I can’t imagine what it is like to have to be the one to tell someone that it is gone.  The care he took in his delivery meant so much to us.  He was not cold or harsh in any way.  Though he was giving us bad news I could see it was difficult for him to say.  He continued to do a lot of hand holding over the next several tries until we felt a little more comfortable.

Over the past almost two years I have gotten to know Dr. L fairly well.  The man that he is personally spills over into the man he is professionally.   He is able to adjust to whatever my mood is at each appointment.  He can joke with me on my good days and comfort me on the bad.  Before each cycle he always does a gut check with me to see how we are and if I am ready to continue.  I love the fact that I am his patient, but he also takes the time to include G in all of our appointments.  I’m not sure a lot of doctors really recognize the spouse, which I appreciate! 

Lastly, after everything I have been through I BELIEVE with all my heart that he truly cares if I have a family or not.  I am not just a blur in a sea of patients he honestly is invested in doing everything he can to make me a mother!  I really admire and respect him both personally and professionally and that is how I know I can trust him!  


  1. Chrissy, thanks for answering my question! I wish I had the same feelings about my doctor!!! I guess I trust him but he is kind of cold.

  2. Who is your doctor and where do you live?

  3. Send me an email at and we can chat further.


  4. I like my doctor OK, but you sound like you really have a great one! After all that you have been through I am so glad that you have someone like your Dr. L on your side!


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