Friday, September 21, 2012

Planning Around Infertility

There is a lot of planning when going through fertility treatments and at times it feels as if you can’t do anything because it might interfere with a cycle.  You begin to time get-togethers after 7pm because you have to have an injection at 7pm and the medicine has to be refrigerated.  You can’t plan a trip with friends 2 months out because you don’t know where you will be in a cycle or what if you’re pregnant?  Infertility is already an emotional process before you even consider the time factor.

G and I have begun to feel as if our entire lives revolve around infertility.  First you have the actual treatment cycles.  Timing is so important: shots have to be given at the same time daily, ultrasounds have to be done on set days, then the utmost important timing of the IUI, ET or FET.*  Not to mention we have meetings with our pastor, our counselor, as well as support group meetings for infertility and adoption.  It’s like everyday has something that revolves around having children.  Of course if we don’t have anything planned on our own I am sure that society will remind us of our infertility whether it be a TV show, a commercial or a magazine cover.  How do you have a life while going through infertility? 

It has really taken G and me a long time to come up with the best solution for us.  We decided to cut back on some of our meetings and not focus on planning other things right now.  We plan the week of and no further to remove the stress of “what ifs”.  We have found that most people are very receptive to us being tentative and firming up the week of.  We have also started relaxing more at home reading, playing a game, baking or stamping where there is no chance of a baby popping up.  It’s so important for your own sanity and the sanity of your marriage to not overwhelm an already stressful situation.  We have taken control of the things we can (like outings) and are just going with the flow of the things we can’t (like doctor’s visits).

PS - In an effort to cut down on the constant barage of fertility reminders and stressors, I will be cutting back the entries on my blog to exclude weekends!  :) 

*IUI – Intrauterine Insemination
  ET – Embryo Transfer
  FET – Frozen Embryo Transfer


  1. Good for you guys making your own rules and taking time!

  2. I will miss weekend posts but get it. Hang in there. Good things are coming!


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