Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Drink the Water

In a recent conversation with a friend I learned of another seemingly harmless statement by those Fertile Myrtles and was asked to write about here you go!

No matter where you look at work someone is pregnant.  Anna in HR is expecting her 17th kid, Bob in Finance wife’s pregnant and Ebony and her life partner Wanda are having a baby through sperm donation.   Then without fail you hear, “There must be something in the water, don’t drink from the fountain unless you want to get pregnant.” Sign me up!!! 

I am sure it is no surprise to you but I’ve been drinking the same water for months and am still not pregnant.  Not to mention, I’m sure Bob’s wife stopped by the office one night on her way home to drink from the magical fountain to ensure she got pregnant on her first try! I assure you there is no magical concoction of pregnancy hormones in the water that has allowed all these people to conceive a child.  If that was the case I would be the first one loading up bottle after bottle!

Let me let you in on a little secret.  You know what’s in the water? Copper, lead, nitrates, fluoride, chlorine, etc.  So unless there is a fertility doctor with a ready stock of embryos taking a drink from that fountain, I am positive there is nothing in the water that can get the entire office pregnant!

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  1. I had this same experience at church...just drink from the fountain in the west wing!!!


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