Saturday, August 11, 2012

Get Out of My Uterus...and Stay Out!!!

G and I had a very long week and just wanted to go to dinner and relax.  Then it happened...we were blindsided by the "baby police". We walked into the restaurant and I tell the hostess, " Two please" to which she replies, "Do you need a children's menu?". Why yes, I do need a children's menu for the 6'1" man standing beside me!  Better yet perhaps I could take one for the child that is curled up inside my purse napping!  What do you say when you are hit with those out of the blue questions about children?  What do you do when the socially acceptable ice breaker is "Do you have kids?"  How do you handle those stupid or invasive questions? 

It seems like in today's society people feel entitled to intrude into our lives purely for the purpose of their own curiosity or satisfaction.  So how do you  keep people out of your uterus?  My best answer actually came from a dear friend, who has no kids, no infertility issues and is not trying to have kids.  She said to answer that dreaded question of " Do you have kids?" with "Unfortunately, no".  Even for the dense this response allows people to have the answer to their question with the understanding there is obviously something there and let it go.  G & I had the opportunity to use this at a party a few weeks ago.  It worked great!  The person totally got the hint and moved on.  I encourage you the next time you are asked if you have kids to give it a try!

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